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Watch Youtube and other streaming sites on Amazon Echo Show

After doing my first video on the echo show, I got a few suggestions about a second video showing you a very useful tip. There is an undocumented feature on the echo show which is the inclusion of a web browser. Up until now all the videos and tutorials I saw of the undocumented feature, were getting to the browser using some part of the settings i.e. exploiting the " Legal and Compliance " section. The problem with that procedure is that if you were doing anything that required being idle for 30 seconds or more, the browser would close and the echo show would return to the home screen. This made it impossible to use for let's say watch a video. So I created a video explaining my workaround which allows you to access YouTube without violating any terms since it is from the browser with all the ads similar to the current implementation on the Fire TV and TV Sticks . Enjoy, subscribe and buy me a beer (donate) which would encourage me to do more tech tip videos. I also acc